Medela’s range of breast pumps covers all the potential needs of breastfeeding moms: from initiating breastfeeding for a prematurely born baby with the highest-standard, hospital-grade breast pump Symphony (available to rent), to expressing milk to cover the odd night out with manual pump Harmony, to exclusive breast milk pumping with our top individual-use double side pump Freestyle. Most pumps feature 2-Phase Expression technology, which mimics babies’ natural sucking rhythms, allowing mums to express more breast milk in less time.

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  1. Medela's newest breast pump is smart, quiet, and responsive. Smart Solution™ connects Sonata to our MyMedela® app, your ultimate breast milk feeding resource, for an instant connection to your personalized pumping dashboard.

  2. Freestyle offers a completely mobile solution with its integrated, rechargeable battery with up to 3 hrs of pumping per charge. You’ll love the freedom to pump anywhere, anytime with maximum efficiency.

  3. Pump In Style is Medela's tried and trusted solution, offering you outstanding performance. This reliable and robust pump comes nestled inside a tote or backpack for easy transportation and storage.

  4. Swing is ideal for moms who need to pump occasionally while nursing most of the time. Swing is the smallest and lightest single electric breast pump on the market. This versatile and easy to use pump is so quiet that you can pump anywhere, anytime, even while nursing!

  5. Harmony makes manual breast pumping easier and faster than ever before! It is the most efficient and reliable manual pump on the market. Harmony is designed for moms who need to pump occasionally while nursing most of the time. It is great for travel or as a backup to your electric pump.

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